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To deepen the development of personal evolution, the opening of consciousness and self-healing, Enseñanza GEA teaches courses divided into two large cycles, an initial cycle: 1st and 2nd level, and a second higher cycle: 3rd and 4th level, which in gradually allow incorporating and practicing essential aspects for the awakening of spirituality.


One of the most special moments of each course is the opening of the chakras, the unblocking that gives us the opportunity to channel the Energy and enter our interior to heal and start the path to spiritual evolution, in the first instance for one himself, and then prepare ourselves to be channels of the Energy of the Mother of the Universes of Light.


With this, it is essential to understand the relevance of channeling Divine Energy through the chakras, which with the passage of time and with our negative attitudes such as anger, envy, selfishness, have been blocked, preventing their spontaneous flow and our connection with the spirituality.


Our courses

  • Chakra opening

  • Chakra activation

  • Energy and Love, their bond

  • The breathing

  • The meditation

  • Awareness

  • Universal values


This course gives us the opportunity to start deep spiritual work and self-healing. It is aimed at connecting with our essence, with our history and everything that we are. It is an intimate instance of personal reunion, of looking at ourselves to recognize ourselves and begin to awaken our consciousness and take the first steps on the path towards evolution.

Tools are provided for personal development and growth.

The duration of this course is 3 days, with a duration of 3 hours daily in small groups

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