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What we do.

To work towards its purpose, Enseñanza GEA has been developing and implementing spaces and activities that allow initiating a process of self-knowledge and healing that translates into a life in greater harmony, through the opening of consciousness and awakening to spirituality.

The confidence is in the change, in that possibility that is presented to us today and that allows us to transmute and evolve. We know that all the work we do internally resonates in the environment as a reflection, and that the spiritual evolution of many, then, will resonate throughout humanity.

Our mission is to channel and connect the Divine Energy of our Mother of the Universes of Light to humanity to initiate this evolutionary process of the human being, as an agent of change in himself and with an echo that connects with everyone. A being in search of spiritual awakening, which entails an opening of consciousness and flow from personal feeling, so that each experience has a unique essence and is lived in freedom.

We form a community of spiritual support, where we have the possibility to grow personally, help others and the planet.

We invite you to meet us

  • Courses 

  • Chakra's opening

  • Energy Therapies

  • Meditation groups and personal work

  • Workshops 

  • Individual and group meditation

  • Active presence in the community


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