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About us

We are a spiritual teaching and personal development that seeks to open the consciousness of the human being through the integration of universal values, the channeling of energy through the activation of the chakras; with meditation practices and energy therapies.

From our vision and understanding, the advancement of the level of consciousness allows us to recognize and understand in depth our attitudes and ways of interacting to ourselves and  to the environment, in this way it is possible to transform what damages us and enhance what heals us, so as to reach a deep self-knowledge that invariably leads to a state of greater peace and fulfillment; emotional and physical health.

To achieve this objective, which is fundamentally a free and personal task, each headquarter provides spaces where activities are periodically carried out for its development, such as thematic workshops, group meditation meetings with personal development work, energy therapies and others; fostering encounter and collaboration always in a framework of freedom and respect.

In Enseñanza GEA we have tools that have been given to us in each course and that accompany us day by day, giving us the possibility of keeping ourselves in constant and ascending work in our personal and spiritual development with an opening of consciousness if we wish, allowing us to respond and give meaning to the questions and concerns that have always accompanied us.

Our practices provide clear, concrete and progressive alternatives in the development of intuitive reflection, lucidity, calm, responsibility for one's own actions and an understanding of life from a deeply spiritual and integral perspective; achieving an awakening connected to the opening of consciousness, feeling already liberated from dogmas; to give us the opportunity to know who we are, who we have been today and always, in the certainty and strength that genuine knowledge grants.

Enseñanza GEA

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