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Golden Ruby Energy

Everything is Energy in the Universe.


In the GEA Teaching we channel energy of high vibration, luminous and of Divine origin, which gives us the opportunity to heal, work on the spiritual plane and help our environment.

In this New Era that is beginning, the Mother of the Universes of Light gives us her Golden Ruby Energy; warm, protective, that floods us with its strength and lovingly shelters us, giving us the containment so essential to cope with life and advance in our evolution from the awakening of consciousness.


This Energy is channeled through energy centers that correspond to the chakras, located throughout our body. Beginning to feel it in order to gradually work with it, gives us the possibility to initiate the awakening of consciousness and with it, open our eyes to discover the spiritual world and understand spirituality in greater depth.

You can feel its vibration and enjoy everything it gives us.

Energy awaits you, we invite you to feel it.

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