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for the Elemental beings Kingdom

There is a truth that is manifested in all its magnitude in the subtle plane, it is the Elemental Kingdom that, with its Elemental Beings, dedicate their lives to maintaining the balance of the nature of our planet.


Their nobility and love is such that they dedicate themselves to this work so that we, the inhabitants of this planet, can have life; a truth that we did not know and of which we must be aware today.


To carry out this great work, these wonderful Beings need Love and Divine Energy.


Our ignorance and lack of consciousness have been unbalancing the natural cycles of the planet. Today the Elementals need our help and we can help them in meditation, channeling the Energy of Universal Love that is the essence that nourishes them.

For this reason we meditate every month, the Elemental Beings need our help so that they can continue to carry out their work on this planet.


Enseñanza GEA has deeply felt this call and that is why it opens its doors to the community. We want to be many in this mission and thus, repay the love that these Beings have given us forever.

We will wait for you.



Of the fundamental tools of Teaching Gea, meditation is our pillar of link with spirituality; the factor that transforms all experience, the space that links earthly experience with our essence and that opens the necessary paths to an awareness for connection with the energy of universal love.

This wonderful fusion runs veils, discovers truths, grants meanings, understands.

Meditation on our Teaching inspires a strong, active spirituality where a conscious awakening arises, giving us back the experience of living from love, of feeling it; It gives us back confidence, openness to knowledge, to the truth.

This is why, in order to generate this deep nexus, our meditation practices develop gradually and ascendingly, in different spaces and ways according to their purpose and exercising the freedom of each member.

We work with a simple, straightforward methodology, however, its practice leads us to the development of a high work, of a higher order and spiritual transcendence of great scope and impact on the experience of each person; an experience that is frequently linked to the advancement and personal development of each member.

In the same way it happens with group meditations, which with common themes bring us together and summon us to work for the planet and the elementals; for peace; to raise energetic vibrations of different groups and territories, which are oriented to collaborate in the social and environmental contingencies that involve us as citizens of this planet.

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