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Our Master

Master Mauricio begins his Mission in Teaching Gea in 2018, inheriting the continuity of the Teaching in his own right; the legacy of Our Master Ina Elena who delivered the principles and foundations of it from the nineties.


The Master has received The Teaching because today he has the great mission of guiding us to fully live the awakening of consciousness and accompany us in the evolution of our Inner Being and the awakening of feeling in each one of us, as it always should have been, to recognize ourselves and discover ourselves in our essence; live accordingly, heal, evolve and transcend.


Our Master Mauricio brings the design of instructing us and accompanying us at the beginning of the New Era with the Golden Ruby Energy, energy that He carries and transmits with the consciousness and wisdom of a spiritual Master: warm, strong, protective, lucid; an Energy that moves us in its nuances and that invites us to come out of sleep to see and recognize ourselves, perhaps as we have never done in the history of humanity.

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