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Inner Being

All teaching has learning and knowledge embedded in itself. The GEA Teaching brings with it knowledge that is born from simplicity and transparency, one of its most beautiful features. The tools provided by this Teaching will show us the path that is prepared for each one in the Universe.


And it is with the Energy of Universal Love that we will be able to nurture what we carry inside, that genuine feeling, what we are in essence. And how do we identify that? Where does that connection with our interior come from? What's inside?


Many times we hear about the connection with our interior, that we are body and soul, which leads us to the question with whom are we connecting? Have you ever wondered?

Certainly there is a being that inhabits us, it has been there since we are born. He accompanies us in this passage through this school planet and is to whom we are deeply connected.


The Inner Being is the one who lives inside, it is the one who came to live an earthly experience of evolution through us, from our human experience.

In each of the people on planet Earth, there is a Being with a Divine Spark, who comes to awaken to the New Age, to remember and shake their cells, experiencing what they need to evolve. To a large extent our mission here, as humans, wherever we are is to help this Inner Being to remember who it is and what its learning is; to discover that through us and with the help of the Energy of our Mother of the Universes of Light, the truth begins to be built, the one that the Being carries in its cells. To recognize the voice that we hear inside and make a connection. Because it is the Being who came to transmute and live this experience of evolution with us.


It is the questions and the inner search that bring us closer to the Inner Being.

Enseñanza GEA invites you to start the path of self-knowledge, the deepest, the one that will lead you to genuine change, the one that will teach you to live from love.

When you awaken and know your Inner Being, you will begin to know your own truth, the ultimate truth that is in you.

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