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Energy Therapies

Energy Therapies is one of our most loved practices; it is the instance where our essential principles converge.

The therapy in GEA Teaching is a channeling of Divine Energy, Energy of our Mother of Light through the hands of the therapist in the energy centers (chakras) of those who need it, gradually enabling the recovery of energy circulation, harmony and internal balance.

The chakras are linked on the physical plane to the main glands of our body, where each one of them exercises dominance in different areas of our body; Thus we have chakra 4 linked to the Thymus and the entire circulatory system along with the lymphatic system. On an emotional level it is linked with Divine Love, with serenity, compassion, forgiveness.

In this sense, our therapy is a valuable complement to traditional medicine since it generates relief of symptoms, reduces tension and stress caused by diseases; collaborating in the emergence of calm, peace and spiritual connection.

All the members of Enseñanza GEA are therapists after having completed the 2nd Level.

Energy Therapies in Health Centers

Enseñanza GEA is present in the hospitals of the communes of Licantén and Curicó. In these health centers, we have a team of therapists who channel energy to perform various treatments, providing complementary help to traditional medicine and focusing on delivering this wonderful energy tool that provides greater well-being, pain relief and reduces recovery times in the patients.

Presence at Hospital of Licantén


Enseñanza GEA has provided energy therapies to patients at the Hospital de Licantén since 2014. Those who enter are cared for by the team of therapists, who are trained to channel energy for each health situation, providing personalized treatment to each patient.


Hospitalized patients with depression and cancer continue treatment at home. Home therapies. As with accident patients and family members, in the Emergency Service, showing, according to our follow-ups, a favorable evolution.

Presence at Hospital de Curicó


In the Pain Relief and Palliative Care Unit of the Hospital of Curicó, energy is channeled for all people who face a more complex health situation due to the terminal phase of their diseases, who are mainly affected by cancer.


Delivering energy therapies and providing moments of peace, harmony and pain relief to those who suffer from it and to the relatives who face this process together with them, is one of the main objectives of our presence in this health center.

Energy Therapies
in the community


Throughout our country the wonderful "Love Therapies" are held monthly, at which time a group of GEA Teaching therapists is deployed in different places to channel the Energy of the Mother of All Universes of Light to anyone who wishes receive it. People come closer and experience a few minutes of harmony, relaxation and connect with this High Vibration Energy that fills their hearts, relieves physical discomfort and contributes to personal well-being.


More than 100 people receive these love therapies on each occasion, and the GEA Teaching therapists who channel it vibrate with this sublime connection and delivery of energy to the community.

Terapias de Energía
en Instituciones

CAFOS Foundation "Socio-Labor Training Support Center"


Enseñanza GEA delivers its energy therapies to young people with disabilities who belong to this Foundation, located in the city of Curicó. A team of therapists visit the training center every week, where they are received with joy and enthusiasm by these young people who know and have experienced the benefits of the Energy of the Mother of the Universes of Light, as they comment on the tranquility and happiness they feel later of each therapy.


The CAFOS Foundation trainers also receive energy therapies, and realize the positive impact they have had on young people, observing a decrease in anxiety, greater attention and concentration, greater self-regulation and bonding with their peers.

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