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GEA's Universe

GEA Teaching has the mission of bringing the Energy of the Mother of the Universes of Light to all humanity, and especially channeling it so that it is received by the hearts of so many people who need its warmth, its strength, its protection and begin to awaken to a higher level of consciousness, to face life situations from another perspective, with more love and less pain.


Come closer to start your spiritual walk and let's make the greatest love change on a planetary level.


We invite you to know our activities in service to the community, and to be part of this wonderful channeling and delivery of energy.

Workshops and Conferences

   Open to the Community



Teaching GEA in its mission to awaken to a higher and deeper consciousness of life, offers various conferences and workshops as a space for reflection, analysis and deepening of the situations that are part of our daily lives, giving us the possibility of doing work of personal development.


We know that there is a deep reason rooted in each experience we face, as well as the spiritual work that goes hand in hand and that we are invited to carry out. The conferences and workshops allow us to rescue the meaning of these experiences, they give us the possibility of embracing them, understanding that they are situations that communicate something deeper than we think. In this way we begin to give value to the emotions that accompany these experiences, and motivate us to rescue learning as a fundamental part of evolution.


Getting together and sharing what we are experiencing and reflecting on it from a particular theme invites us to delve into the real meaning of its appearance and the learning that we must initiate, since the messages they transmit are clear when we are aware and see what we seemed not to identify .


The conferences and workshops that we do give us the possibility of looking at ourselves from a containing, evolutionary perspective and from love. They are an opportunity to work together, and rescue the valuable meaning of our experiences and start the path to self-healing.


Why does this happen to me so often? Why do the attitudes of others bother me? Why do I feel sad, angry or lonely? Why am I getting sick?


These are just some of the questions that we can find answers to in these conferences and workshops at GEA Teaching.

We invite you to awaken to consciousness and discover the keys to your personal and evolutionary work. GEA teaching, with you always.


Group oriented


The tools and strategies that are delivered in the GEA Teaching workshops, allow us to initiate a change at an individual level, but also at a group level, so they are effective in groups within work teams, groups, volunteers, among others.


The scope is multiple, since we work on essential aspects according to the needs of each group, guiding the practices and development of these workshops to objectives that have a meaning for the group, and in order to collaborate in the achievement of a better climate and practices in labor and social aspects.


Why do we always argue at work? Why am I constantly feeling tired and stressed in what I do? Emotional exhaustion is very high in our team ... Ideas do not flow and we are stagnant ... These can be questions and situations that you frequently identify in your work and / or social spaces. Everything is energy and we vibrate according to it, therefore, if sadness, rage, fear, anger, stress, arrogance and other feelings of this type are present daily in my environment, the vibration of energy will be low and we will be constantly immersed in a cycle that never ends and only generates more negativity. Understanding this and other deeper aspects is essential to realize favorable changes in workspaces and at the group level.


If we work on our personal development and awaken to a greater awareness, we will be making changes that will have an echo in all those around us. The vibration of energy when there is love, understanding, empathy, respect, humility and generosity, is very high and our feeling is of well-being and greater acceptance. It is not just about solving the problems that emerge, but about working on the root of their appearance, and from there begin a transformation from consciousness and from love.


We invite you to transform and transform ... GEA Teaching, with you always.

Harmonization and energy cleaning of homes


Our home is the space in which we remain day by day, where multiple situations and refuge from our family nucleus, from our intimacy, unlink. However, every time we experience situations that lower our vibrations, that is, that affect us negatively and make us react with anger, lack of control, anger, aggressiveness and all those responses that harm us, we are opening the possibility that low energies vibration begin to populate that space so precious to us.


Are our homes energetically charged? The answer is yes, and they can be flooded with energy of high or low vibration. When we feel that the house is cold, there are constantly strange noises, those of us who live there always feel annoyed, sad, angry for no apparent reason ... and if added to this, the situations that we have experienced in our home lately have been negative. Since then it is highly probable that the energies that are present are those of low vibration.


We should feel our home, ask ourselves why situations are occurring that I cannot explain to myself ... it may be time to request a harmonization and energy cleaning of the home, a tool that from GEA Teaching we can perform as a team, visiting your home and channeling high vibration energy, so that you can feel harmony and tranquility again, in that which is your space of personal and family intimacy.

If you need help or make inquiries you can contact us

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